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Media Hypocrisy? I don’t think so.


shapeimage 6...the mainstream media have acted consistently in this case. It didn’t follow the National Enquirer’s reporting on the Edwards affair, and it didn’t follow up on reports swirling about Palin’s pregnant daughter until both had publicly confirmed the information. 

As she prepares to take the podium at the Democratic National Convention I can’t help but feel some degree of sympathy for Hillary Clinton and all she has had to endure. Her slightly desperate and overly self-entitled presidential campaign doesn’t change my thinking about her. In fact, after Johnny “Pretty Boy” Edwards came clean on national TV about his sexual indiscretions with a campaign groupie I felt more sorry for Hillary than I did about Mrs. Edwards and the kids.


Think about it for a second. The National Enquirer first reported about Edwards’ dalliances and trysts back in December, before any caucus count was taken, before a single primary vote had been cast. The mainstream media’s unconscionable and nearly monolithic decision to ignore the story emboldened Edwards and apparently convinced him he was invulnerable to scandal and could run his fresh face and $90 haircut out there just like a legitimate candidate.


And he did. No one that I know has calculated how many votes he took away from Clinton as a result. But I’m guessing it was a substantial amount. Maybe even the enough to have made the difference between her taking the podium this week as the standard bearer instead of an also-ran.


She got 18 million votes. And probably could have got a lot more if another cracker hack with a nice do hadn’t been doing his thinking with his little head.


And what about the media’s role in all this? Why isn’t it a story when the Enquirer  reports it but is when ABC News does? It’s an obvious bias that has had the ultimate repercussion and a hand in choosing the next leader of the free world.


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