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What Christie Did Right - and Wrong: A Crisis PR Lesson

Chris Christie's Crisis

Boston Globe contributor Tom Keane has a piece in Tuesday's paper lauding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his handling of the "Bridgegate" scandal and how things would have been different for Richard Nixon had he reacted similarly to the Watergate affair. (You can read the column HERE though it may be behind a paywall.)

Content Frequency vs. Quality: Do Brands Have to Choose?

blogging or not?

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The Difference Between Journalists and PR People? Not much


My last job in mainstream journalism was editor of the Boston Globe’s then-weekly Health and Science section. My job, in essence, was to convince reporters to do stories I thought would interest readers and then persuade the paper’s top editors to give the story prominence. 

PR 101: How you respond in a crisis could REALLY mess things up

Globe Page

I don’t like criticizing and second guessing colleagues and I’ll be the first to admit that as a PR practitioner I’ve been put in some awkward spots by demanding clients who ignored my advice, but I can’t let today’s lead story in the Boston Globe go by without some commentary.

Free E-Book: An Essential Guide to Internet Marketing

im an seo expert funny p176134319970462470en8ca 400

Recently I wrote a blog post about how to tell if your SEO "expert" is ripping you off. I'm sure I earned the eternal enmity of a lot of those experts out there (and is it me or are there a LOT of SEO experts out there? They certainly all seem to know my email address and phone number). 

How to tell if your SEO consultant is ripping you off

The Blue Mermaid's Title Page

There are a lot of "SEO experts" out there making a decent living tweaking their clients' websites so they rank higher on search engines. In fact, there are more people calling themselves "SEO experts" than there are actual SEO experts.

Ignore the Rules of PR and Journalism at Your Own Peril


 Some reflections on the world around us over the last few weeks.

The Old Becomes New: How Content Marketing Rose from the Dead

Get Savvy, Inc. for your content marketing needs

Guest Blog by Dennis Bailey, president Savvy Inc.

Requiem for The Phoenix: Who Pays for Good Journalism?

BOOKCOVER Whitey Bulger mai

Several weeks ago, I was on a New England Cable News show with Boston Phoenix editor Peter Kadzis to discuss the imminent sale of the Boston Globe. I got some significant pushback from both the host, Jim Braude, and Kadzis when I said the Globe should go to an all-digital format, maybe publishing a printed edition only once or twice a week. Braude seemed to lament that he still looked forward to his paper hitting the door in the morning and Kadzis said only papers teetering on the financial brink need to adopt the online, semi-published model. The Globe - and I guess by inference his own Phoenix - wasn’t there yet.

Telecommuting isn't a gender issue, it's a PR issue.


I was an early covert adopter to working at home/telecommuting. After setting up a computer at home I bribed the IT guys at my workplace (The Boston Globe) to experiment and determine if I could remotely connect to the office mainframe. No one was doing that at the time. This was in the early-1990s and the whole idea of commercial Internet access and online services was brand new. 

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