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Free E-Book: An Essential Guide to Internet Marketing


Recently I wrote a blog post about how to tell if your SEO "expert" is ripping you off. I'm sure I earned the eternal enmity of a lot of those experts out there (and is it me or are there a LOT of SEO experts out there? They certainly all seem to know my email address and phone number). 

The way these experts work is to first convince you that SEO managment is sooooo very complex that only a specialist could possiblity understand it all. That's horse pucky. While much of the search engine algorithms are indeed opaque and constantly

im an seo expert funny p176134319970462470en8ca 400changing, we know enough about them to pimp our website to pretty much guarantee we're getting counted. 

But we can always do more. Converting those web visits to actual contacts and those contacts to leads is more problematic.

So this week, with my partners at Hubspot, I've offered up a free ebook on Internet marketing that includes a lot of SEO tips as well as just plan inbound marketing strategies that anyone can use and implement. And did I mention it's free?

Now, I'm no expert. But I'm as much if not more of an expert than a lot of those folks out there calling themselves experts. (I'll bet if they read my book they'll learn a few things). 

So please, if you're wondering why you're not getting a lot of notice on the web or if you're not turning up in Internet searches, take a minute and download the book, implement the strategies and I'm betting you'll see results.

Please let me know how it goes or if we can help you with anything else internet marketing-related.



Search engine optimization persons or organizations are good technician. But few businesses understand the technical aspects of internet marketing. By internet marketing Businesses can either do everything in house, or manage the process and outsource the technical side to a good search engine optimization firm.
Posted @ Monday, June 17, 2013 7:51 AM by internet marketing
What a wonderful attitude about this. Thanks for posting! Ebook With Resell Rights 
Posted @ Saturday, December 21, 2013 4:25 AM by Plr Xplore
The definition of internet marketing is getting broader with the passage of time and with the introduction of new marketing techniques. As more people are relying upon internet marketing so search engines also get active to control the flow of marketers. SEO is considered most authentic and effective internet marketing technique for bloggers and small business concerns' due to low costs and excellent results. I am happy to read about free e-book about internet marketing which every marketer must read and I appreciate your good work :)
Posted @ Saturday, March 01, 2014 11:16 AM by Steph Riggs
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